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It may sound like Monopoly money, but the impact is all too real.

Past due


Unpaid bills by the State of Illinois.

The Land of Lincoln has the worst credit in the nation and our bills are piling up.
Illinois’ flagship university now costs more for in-state tuition than some
out-of-state private schools. We want to be able to count on access to human
services, but the joke’s on us.



  • 1 million

    People affected by cuts to social service agencies.

  • 17

    Full-time employees laid off at an Illinois college.

  • $864,000

    Owed by the State to an Illinois health services agency for employee health insurance.

  • 44%

    Of state funds cut from a child abuse social service agency.

  • $270,000

    In state grants eliminated from mental health center.

  • $600,000

    Owed to a domestic violence and sexual assault organization.

  • 50

    Domestic violence agencies that were not allocated funds from the stopgap budget.

  • $288 million

    In lottery winnings the State refuses to pay.

  • $3.66 billion

    Owed to providers who serve people insured through the State Employees’ Group Insurance Program.

  • 14

    Exonerated men awaiting settlements from the State for wrongful time served.

  • 7

    State community colleges receiving emergency funding to continue operating.

  • $3.2 million

    Owed to a single public school district for Special Education, transportation, and grant payments.

  • $45,000

    Owed by each taxpayer in the State of Illinois.

  • 50

    Businesses that have recently relocated to Indiana.

  • 20,000

    Citizens who have stopped seeking employment.

  • $356.5 million

    Owed to the Illinois Regional Transportation Authority.

  • 1,115

    Students who chose not to enroll at in-state universities due to at-risk State funding.

  • 2X

    The amount of tenured faculty leaving a State university this year compared to prior years.

  • 102,000

    Immigrants and refugees left without access to immigration services.

  • 750

    Human service workers cut that cannot be rehired.

  • 10,000

    Direct service hours for domestic violence victims at risk of being cut.

  • 700

    Seniors who will face reduced meal delivery service.

  • $323,000

    In funding no longer available for formerly homeless individuals and families.

  • 8,157

    Homeless citizens without access to housing services.

  • 30

    Human service programs that can’t be restored.

  • 130

    Universities at risk of losing access to MAP grants.

  • $350M

    Amount owed by the Department of Human Services to service providers.

  • 390

    Human service agencies that have been forced to reduce the number of clients served.

  • $975

    Cost of tuition for one CNA class at organization serving low-income students.

  • 1,300

    Citizens at risk of losing emergency mental health crisis services due to facility closure.

  • $669,000

    In funding no longer available for formerly homeless individuals and families.

  • 25-30

    Students per public school classroom.

  • 750

    University service workers at risk of seeing their health insurance premiums double.

  • $34 million

    At risk of being cut from State university budget.

  • 500

    Employees cut by one State university over the last 18 months.

  • 35,000

    Fewer children receiving child care subsidies.

  • 84%

    Of registered voters believe the State is headed in the wrong direction.

  • 83,000

    Unpaid vouchers owed by the State to citizens.

  • $1.2 trillion

    In underfunded pensions.

  • 67,535

    More citizens moved out of the State than moved in between 2014-2015.

  • 47%

    Of registered voters say they want to leave the State.

  • 80,000

    Citizens no longer able to receive mental health services.

  • 1 in 3

    Citizens have been directly affected by the budget impasse.

  • 20%

    Fewer citizens receiving adult literacy services.

  • $150 million

    Owed to 53 downstate mass transit districts.

  • 65

    Jobs moving across State lines into Wisconsin.

  • $3.52 billion

    In unpaid healthcare bills for employees, retirees, and dependents.

  • $183 million

    In overdue payments to a Springfield healthcare provider.

  • 420

    Manufacturing jobs lost in October.

  • 47 Billion

    In projected backlogged bills by 2020.

  • 1,100

    Students from one university at risk of losing MAP grant funding.

  • $156 million

    Owed to state transit organizations.

  • 44

    Social service agencies that have lost State funding.

  • $5 billion

    Budget deficit projected for 2017.

  • 5.6%

    Increase in unemployment in October.

  • $22 billion

    State budget deficit projected by the year 2027.

  • 10,000

    Manufacturing jobs lost over the last twelve months.

  • $110,000

    Owed to State transportation service to prevent service suspensions.

  • 50

    Citizens forced off a waitlist for mental health and housing services.

  • $118 million

    Owed to programs intended to speed up overdue payments.

  • 30

    State conservation officers at risk of being laid off.

  • $17 million

    Emergency funding needed to keep three state universities operating through the year.

  • $2.5 million

    Owed to exonerated ex-inmates.

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